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Mon, May. 29th, 2006, 01:52 am
Just found out....

Alex Toth passed away on Friday. A moment of silence for one hell of an artist. 

I have a lot of fond memories in front of the TV with a stack of paper, my crayons, and a bunch of the cartoons he worked on goin by.

If you used to watch Hanna Barbera cartoons then you know him.

I think I'm just gonna post a couple more picts and be with my memories.

Mon, May. 29th, 2006 01:00 pm (UTC)

when i was a kid, i had a pillow case my mom made me. It had the superfriends on it. i loved that pillowcase.

Mon, May. 29th, 2006 06:53 pm (UTC)

i had a superfriends blanket. and those old things that were like re-usable presto magix...like a background scene that you could stick/re-stick these plastic images of the characters on.

schmoo fo' life.

Thu, Jun. 22nd, 2006 08:13 pm (UTC)

I think I had a superfriends bed spread....my brother and I cut it up to make superhero capes...woops